We pre-process all varieties of Turmeric which shall be exported in whole form and also shall be utilized for manufacturing of powder for meeting stringent customer specifications. We offer all types of pre-processing activities like sun-drying, hand-sorting, machine cleaning, polishing, grading based on the quality specification.


All varieties of chillies are pre -cleaned prior to grinding / crushing in a dedicated precleaning equipment which includes fiber extractor, seed remover and gravity separator which removes all sort of impurities from the product which shall be exported in whole, crushed and ground form after further processing as per Customer requirements.

Black & White Pepper

We pre-process all types of black pepper & white pepper which shall be exported in whole and ground form as per customer requirements. We have pre-processing activities like grading, spiraling, destoning, washing and sun-drying based on the requirement from our customer.


We pre-process all varieties of gingering a covered drying yard taking at most care in food safety satisfying our customer. Our pre-processing activities include cleaning, peeling and sun-drying ginger based on the requirement from our customers.

Whole Spices

Apart from adding flavor and Aroma to various dishes, whole spices also offer an extensive range of health benefits. India is the hub of a wide assortment of whole spices in the world. Nani presents baskets of high-quality whole spices to win the hearts of our buyers across the world. From coriander, turmeric to Red Chilies and black and white paper, Nani adds to the cap of ordination as the best whole spices dealers and exporters in India. Only concentrate on offering our clients the best quality spices and meeting their needs without fail.

Mixed Spices Whole

As the name suggests, Mixed Spice is a balanced product that is created by mixing various kinds of whole spices. Nani offers a carefully balanced mix of various whole spices that bring out the flavor of Indian dishes beautifully. We try to reach the balanced ratio of all the spices that satisfies the requirements of our clients easily.

Ground Spices

Nani is a stalwart in the export markets of ground spices. With the help of our modern technology and hygienic practices, we make sure that all the ground Spice pictures are created meticulously so that it brings out the perfect harmony of flavor to your dishes.

Spice Blends

Spice blends are something that is created to bring out Aroma and flavor to the dishes that suit your preferences perfectly. As one of the biggest Spice traders in the country, Nani offers a range of Spice blends that enhance the taste of the dishes. We directly work with the harvesters to ensure the consistency of the quality of our dishes. Check our Web Store to see the assortment of Spice blends we offer.


Being one of the top Spice exporters of the country Nani offers special grinders for the customers to reduce their hassle of cooking. The grinder that we offer to our customers includes pink rock salt, black salt, white paper, black paper, crystal rock salt, and Italian seasoning. You should visit our Web Store to determine the packaging options of the product before purchasing it.


As the name suggests, the product range that falls under the miscellaneous category has different origins and varieties. The range of miscellaneous products includes sugar candy, rose petals, dried white onion, raw peanuts, various types of monosodium glutamate, whole Makhna, etc. Check out our website to find out the assortment of miscellaneous products we offer to our customers.


Chana is an edible seed that is consumed individually or as flour across the globe. Nani offers two types of chickpeas to our customers: one is desi and the other is Kabuli. You can find unsalted Roasted Chana, Roasted salted Chana, and chana products of other types and quality right at our Web Store.

Dry Fruits & Nuts

Nani and immense pride to offer a wide range of dry fruits and nuts of topmost quality. All our products are procured solely from high-quality growers. That means you will get dry fruits and nuts from us that are premium in taste size and flavor. We also have a state-of-the-art packaging and cleaning facility that ensures the quality of the products from sourcing to delivery. We also offer a wide range of value-added services including customizable and innovative packaging and gifting solutions.


Tamarind is a sweet and sour fruit that offers health benefits to consumers. Apart from improving the taste of the dish’s tamarind helps to reduce the gastric Namak complications and combats power movement-related issues. Nani procures and processes only the best quality tamarind across the country per only the Supreme products to the customers.


Nani please wholesale traders of coconut products like coconut half coconut slices coconut sweet shredded rainbow coconut and sweet and fine coconut and sweet and medium dried coconut whole etc. It does not matter which kind of coconut products you require; Nani can help you to get the best quality products. Visit our website to check on our wide range of coconut products.


We understand how small bites can offer big satisfaction when you are hungry. That is why we present a wide range of delicacy products to our customers. Visit our store to find products, like kurmura Basmati, kurmura Bhatti, mamra, mamra Basmati, poha medium, poha thick, etc.

Pappad & Far Far

Papads and far far products are mostly made from sabudana and they are generally consumed during fasting. Both the papad and far far products of Nani are highly nutritious and are made from the best quality materials. You can consume these products during a fast or as an easy tea-time snack. Visit our website to check out the wide range of far far products that we offer.

Mouth Fresheners

No one loves to have bad breath. But only a handful of people realize this problem and take necessary action. However, instead of buying expensive mouth freshener sprays and gums, you can keep your breath fresh by consuming Nani's special mouth freshener. Created using high-quality natural products, our mouth freshener gives you fresh breath in just a couple of seconds. Packed in smart containers, Nani mouth fresheners are easy to carry and offer great value for money. Explore our assortment of Mouth fresheners at all virtual stores.


It is difficult to beat the special flavor and sweetness of jaggery when it comes to traditional cane sugars. Jaggery is a traditional sugar that is consumed mostly in Southeast Asian countries and the Indian subcontinent. Fresh cane juice and palm sap are used for creating various kinds of jaggery. Along with making your food sweeter, jaggery also cleanses your liver by passing out harmful toxins from your body. Nani processes and supplies high-quality jaggery to customers across the world. Visit our tour to check out various types of jaggery that we offer.


Rice is a staple food of Indians and people from Southeast Asian countries. Rice is nothing but a type of edible and starch food grain that reduces gastrointestinal problems. Nani supplies rice of a wide variety to our customers. We understand that all of our customers have different tests and choices when it comes to rice. We try to address the requirements of each of our customers, delivering rice of different varieties accordingly. Our website to find out the varieties of rice that Nani offers.