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Nani Agro Foods is a leading Mouth fresheners manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. No one loves to have bad breath. But only a handful of people realize this problem and take necessary action. However, instead of buying expensive mouth freshener sprays and gums, you can keep your breath fresh by consuming Nani's special mouth freshener. Our mouth fresheners made using high-quality natural products give you fresh breath in just a couple of seconds. Nani mouth fresheners are packed in smart containers, are easy to carry and offer great value for money. Explore our assortment of Mouth fresheners at all virtual stores. Nani also offers private labelling & packaging service for Mouth Fresheners. Check our wide range of mouth fresheners products below.

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Mouth Fresheners Product Range

  • Betel Nut Cheel Unroasted
  • Betel Nut Chilled
  • Betel Nut Half-Cut Unroasted
  • Betel Nut Whole Unroasted
  • Gujarati Mukhwas(Sadha)
  • Gujarati Mukhwas(Mitha)
  • Poona Mukhwas
  • Special Mukhwas(Green)
  • Tip Top Mukhwas
  • Mixed Flavoured Seeds
  • Gulab Mukhwas
  • Rajwadi Mukhwas
  • Manpasand Mukhwas
  • Pan Masala Mukhwas
  • Roasted Till Seeds
  • Shredded Betel nut (Mixed Flavoured seeds)
  • Seeds (Mixed Flavoured Seeds)
  • Severdha Roasted Chura Supari
  • Raw Chura Supari
  • Roasted Tukda Supari
  • Roasted Sali Supari
  • Roasted Chura Supari
  • Whole Pooja Supari
  • Supari Tukda Unroasted
  • Sali Supari
  • Scented Shredded Betel Nut
  • Severdha Raw Supari
  • Whole Roasted Supari
  • Sugar Coated Fennel (Sweet Fennel)
  • Plain Katri Supari
  • Plain Sadi Supari
  • Sekela Chura Supari
  • Kesari Chips Supari
  • Roasted Chill Supari
  • Roasted Scented Tukda Supari
  • Chikni Tukda Supari
  • White Laccha
  • Kesari Sali Supari
  • Shredded Betel Nut
  • Kesari Tukada Supari
  • Brown Laccha
  • Kesari Super Lacci
  • Mint Fennel

Private Label Packaging

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From designing to manufacturing and labelling, our team will provide you with end-to-end solutions, catering to all your packaging requirements - be it formatting, choosing the appropriate size and shape, designing, labelling and barcoding.

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10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g,
500g, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg


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