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At NANI, we are dedicated to build a sustainable future. We ensure optimal use of resources and find numerous ways like in-house rain water harvesting system, 3-acre wide nursery, solar plants, windmills & sewage treatment plant to protect our environment. Our sustainability norms go beyond the organization. We strongly recommend that our vendors and suppliers constantly supervise their practices. This enables them to re-align processes and replace them with sustainable alternatives.

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Our facility is situated at an elevation of 1000 feet above MSL in a pristine environment. We try to use our resources optimally and try to find solutions to protect the environment. Our endeavor to natural resource preservation and attentive practices has earned us a universally acclaimed Leeds Gold Certificate. A rigorous certification conferred by the United States Green Building Council.

Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant

Our solar power plant can produce up to 500 kva of energy

Rainwater Harvesting


Harvesting rainwater in a reservoir which can hold up to 3 million gallons of water

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Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Our STP operation capacity is 50,000 liters per day

Windmill Operations

windmill operations

Windmill that generates a power of up to 500 kva

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