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Nani Agro Foods has been in the business of creating spices and spice blends from India that make for great tasting food for the last 3 decades. We blend spices better, thanks to a committed infrastructure that focuses on research and development. Our packaging capabilities allow us to integrate seamlessly with our supply chain, providing our customers with unmatched value.

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Spices are to food what the soul is to the body. Great tasting food is no accident: it is a painstaking journey, blending just the right ingredients in the right proportion to create that delightful interplay of flavours that gives our dishes their identity. this tradition of great taste is something that has been passed on from generation to generation, and it is something that we at Nani Agro have inherited.

A fully integrated. end-to-end player in the business, we specialize in briging together traditional expertise with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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Exuberant flavours blur boundaries and have the power to bring the world together. The zest of a spice lies in its calibre to beautifully blend in, yet explode into flavour and create something magical.

Over 50 years ago, Founder Director, Shri Hari Poddar began his journey with a small unit to process turmeric. As operations scaled, he established a company that produces, manufactures and sells a gamut of condiments. Today NANI Agro Foods offers a wide range of authentic Indian spices, handpicked from across the country. NANI is well rooted in the Indian subcontinent and has its network in international markets such as USA, UK, Japan, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

We are one of the largest turmeric processors in the country supplemented by a state-of-art production unit spread across 5,00,000 sq. ft. in Erode, Tamil Nadu. Our comprehensive offerings of over 135 varieties of spices, herbs and seasoning along with our in-house manufacturing unit enables us to serve a host of clients for their unique flavouring needs.

Our unparalleled private label packaging services have witnessed rapid growth through multiple commercial partnerships. With our eye for perfection, specialised technology and customization capabilities, we help build a brand and take it to new heights.

Our Vision

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Epitomize market leadership by creating the finest quality of spices with impeccable client servicing and be the go-to brand for every global citizen.

Our Mission

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We measure our success by the longevity of relationships with our esteemed clients. The team at NANI constantly strives to innovate and offer the best solutions without any social and ecological compromises.

core Values

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Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity matter to us and help us build trust among our customers at every stage.

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Leadership is an integral part of our company. We constantly strive to create visions, inspire our employees and bring the leadership qualities in them, so that they all work passionately towards our end-goal.

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Innovation and Change

We believe that companies growth lies in new technologies. We actively monitor for an innovation & change. At Nani, we encourages our employees to share their ideas to adapt the same, and we constantly strive for perfection in our field.

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Commitment and Determination

No matter the circumstances, we work with vigour and determination to meet our end-goal.

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Passion for service and team work

Harmony is all you need to achieve success. Hence, we encourage our workers to value and respect their co-workers, and work together harmoniously with a drive to fulfil the organization’s mission.

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We ensure that we respond to the needs of our customers and achieve agreed-upon outcomes, thus building lasting relationship with them.

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Excellence leads to success and helps build integrity and trust. Hence, we strive to achieve excellence in everything that we do.

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We ensure that we use all the available resources efficiently and effectively in order to further the organization’s mission.

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Open Communication

Our company’s strength lies in transparency, forthrightness and fair dealing, so that we trust one another and work towards our common goal.

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We believe that competence is acquired through a learning mindset. We provide necessary internal and external trainings to our employees to enhance knowledge towards their field of working ultimately to meet our customers’ requirements.