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Being one of the largest spices & food processing, packaging and labelling houses in India, we also take pride in providing high quality end-to-end solutions to numerous reputed local and international brands, right from sourcing perfect raw materials to in house spices and herbs food grading and sorting and any form of packaging services. Not only this, our quality assurance team of professionals ensure perfect grade goods delivered to any part of the world on time, everytime.

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Turmeric Services

Turmeric Export

Nani is one of the leading turmeric processors and export houses in India. Started with a small turmeric processing unit, Today Nani has the production capacity of more than 300 Metric Ton turmeric per day. We supply premier quality turmeric at a competitive price across the world. We offer 18 variants of Turmeric from India and all over the world. We stringently test the turmeric that we source from various parts of the country. We try to source our products only from reliable farmers to offer our customers only the best quality resources. We care for our customers and always try to satisfy their requirements effectively.

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Spice & Ethnic Food Export

Nani Agro is one of the top Indian Spices and Food Exporters that believes that the goodness of Indian spices should reach each and every corner of the world. As one of the leading spice exporting companies, we export whole, powdered, and blended spices, including ginger, black pepper, cumin, etc. Nani is now becoming one of the prime stops for Indian Ethnic Food processors from all over the world. Just because Nani provides all types of packaging in all sizes, today it is trusted by reputed brands from more than 80 countries in the world. We believe that the customer is our king, and we always try to deliver the best quality spices to them.

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Nani Agro offers dust-free and untouched processing of whole spices right from cleaning to grinding and blending. We understand that spices are similar to food as the soul is to the body. That’s why we take extra care in the processing and creating the best quality blended and powdered spice that enhances the taste of the dishes. For the last 3 decades, we have been presenting to our customers exquisite quality spices and spice blends with the help of our traditional expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

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Private Label Packaging

Private Label Packaging

Our company prides itself in being one of the largest packaging and labelling houses in India, Aside from processing spices, we also provide packaging solutions to various clients across the country. From designing to manufacturing and labelling, our team of dynamic and dedicated packaging professionals will provide you with end-to-end solutions, catering to all your packaging requirements - be it formatting, choosing the appropriate size and shape, designing, labelling and barcoding. we give you the liberty to choose from our range of packaging services - pillow pouches, mono cartons, boxes, pet jars and grinders. Or you can even have a discussion with our designers and marketing professionals to format and design a package. suited to your convenience.

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