Papad & Far Far

Papads and far far products are mostly made from sabudana and they are generally consumed during fasting. Both the papad and far far products of Nani are highly nutritious and are made from the best quality materials. You can consume these products during a fast or as an easy tea-time snack. Check our wide range of papad & far far products below.

Papad & Far Far Product Range

  • Far Far Aeroplane
  • Far Far Alphabet Large
  • Far Far Alphabet Small
  • Far Far Car
  • Far Far Chokdi
  • Far Far Flower
  • Far Far Khilona
  • Far Far Numbers
  • Far Far Plain Square
  • Far Far Potato Jali
  • Far Far Ring
  • Far Far Round
  • Far Far Sago Jali
  • Far Far Sago Round
  • Far Far Slim Tube Small
  • Far Far Square
  • Far Far Star Big
  • Far Far Star Colored
  • Far Far Star Stick
  • Far Far Stick Large
  • Far Far Tube
  • Far Far Tube Large
  • Far Far Tube Medium
  • Far Far Tube Mini
  • Far Far Wheel
  • Farfar Sago Jali Colored
  • Farfar Sago Papdi
  • Green Papadi
  • Jeera Papadi
  • Mix Papadi
  • Papadi
  • Papadi Sago Jali
  • Papadi Sago Round
  • Papdi Colour Sago
  • Papdi Colour Sago Generic
  • Plain Papadi
  • Rice Papad Small Makai
  • Rice Papad Small Tomato
  • Rice Papadi Masala
  • Rice Papdi Ajwain
  • Rice Papdi Green
  • Rice Papdi Green Chili
  • Rice Papdi Jeera
  • Rice Papdi Masala
  • Sago Jali Papadi
  • Falooda Sevai

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